RU Restricted?

Fall 2020



With the current apps and sites available to Rutgers students, it’s difficult to get a breakdown of the different food options across campus, especially for those who have dietary restrictions RU Restricted is a web app that allows the user to filter preferences and receive a breakdown of the foods they are able to eat. People follow diets for a variety of reasons — health, religion, personal preference — and RU Restricted? is a tool for everyone because at the end of the day, we all deserve a good meal.

The Project

RU Restricted? utilizes a Python script that scrapes the Rutgers dining services website to extract food items and their nutritional values. Then, we make calls to the Edamam Nutrition Analysis API to fetch more detail nutritional breakdowns. From here, we can compare the user's selected diet preferences to the health labels in the JSON response, identify valid food items, and display the results in a table.

I personally worked on the front-end using Bootstrap and handled the calls to the Edamam API.


We were grateful to have been awarded the "Best Rutgers Hack" prize at HackRU Fall 2020.