Pink Lemonade

Fall 2020



Food and diet play huge roles in a person's health profile, especially if that person is affected by a condition like breast cancer. I and five others wanted to translate our knowledge about the relationship between breast cancer and diet into a creative and engaging platform that allows breast cancer survivors and those who want to take preventative measures to find healthy recipes and make informed decisions.

The Project

Pink Lemonade is a website where users can find healthy recipes as well as connect with others through a social media network and find experts to talk about their diet and health with. Through this, we learned about the importance of diet and health in a survivor’s journey and just about the importance of taking care of one’s well-being. In addition, we learned more about how the Spoontacular API works and the various ways that recipes can be parsed through this. We decided to build the front-end part of a website where we display the results when a user inputs an ingredient or a food item into the search bar. Additionally, we created mock ups which show what we want the website to look like now and in the future.

I personally worked on the back-end in JavaScript, handled the calls to the Spoonacular API, and parsed through the results to score and rank recipes.


Some challenges that we faced while doing this project was in the creation process with what we should include and not include. We all had different ideas for what the end product should look like but after discussing all the ideas and compromising on various parts of the project, we were able to come up with a plan that we all agreed with. Through our collaboration and the research that we completed, we came up with a website where we hope breast cancer survivors and those who want to take preventative measures against it can come together and feel empowered about their health.

We were grateful to have been selected as one of the 11 finalists out of the 92 submissions at the ELC Hack for Pink Competition.