Head Teaching Assistant




I was a head teaching assistant for Data Structures (01:198:112), a foundational CS course taught in Java. The class covers a variety of topics, including hash tables, trees, graphs, sorting, and space-time complexity.

In Fall 2020, I led weekly recitations and study groups, evaluated projects, and graded exams for a section of ~45 students. In Spring 2021, I delivered a range of assessment activities and technical lesson plans that were used by 30+ other teaching assistants and 650+ undergraduate students while leading my own sections of 40+ students.

I have always loved teaching, and as an instructor, I care a lot about accessibility and am always looking to improve my methods. To complement my work, I enrolled in a pedagogy course in Spring 2021 to better facilitate learning, engage students in discourse, and promote active learning.

I remained a head TA and managed lesson plans, the Q&A Piazza forum, project grading, and weekly office hours until graduation.