A headshot of Sam. She's wearing a blue, vertically striped button-up, and a black blazer. She has short hair, parted to the side. She smiles with her teeth.

Hi, there! I'm Sam Lee (she/her/hers), a senior honors student at Rutgers University–New Brunswick pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Cognitive Science (with a concentration in decision-making) and a minor in Political Science. I'm located in the greater NYC area originally inhabited by the Munsee Lenape people.

I like to stay busy! I'm currently the co-president of Rutgers Women in Computer Science and the president and founder of the Rutgers Ethical Technology Club (Ethitech). I also volunteer as a data analyst for Lead Locally, a non-profit dedicated to electing community leaders who pledge to fight against fossil fuel projects.

I am additionally a part of the Impact Labs, Out in Tech, Rewriting the Code, and Girls Who Code communities.

Interested in...
  • > Software engineering
  • > Human-computer interaction
Passionate about...
  • > Ethical tech
  • > Social justice
  • > K-12 outreach
  • > Diversity in tech
Learning about...
  • > Data visualization
  • > Public policy
  • > Political decision-making
I dabble in...
  • > Graphic design
  • > Prose
  • > UI/UX


4+ years
2-3 years
<2 years


I am actively seeking new research opportunities. In the future, I hope to pursue a Masters in a field like tech policy that falls in the intersection of computer and social sciences.

Check out my projects or gallery to see what I've been up to!

  • > DIY
  • > Pokémon GO
  • > Sewing & embroidery
  • > Skateboarding
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